The week in numbers

What a week it’s been! (It’s actually 10 days since we arrived in Chester – but who’s counting?) There have been some exciting developments, and a lot of STUFF going, so here’s the rundown in figures.

Charleston dance class
Unexpected game of poker (Sarah)

Schools visited
Trips to the zoo
Soft-plays visited
Lunches with families we’ve met here
Job interviews arranged this week
Trips to Delamere Forest

Average bowls of baby food consumed daily by The Chap

Seriously. This is how hungry I am.

Toddler groups
Visits to Chester library

Houses viewed

Board games played

Job applications

The number of our NEW HOUSE!*

Cups of Pact Samambaia coffee made with Adam’s new pour-over filters

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, that is my coffee journal.

*We are due to move in this weekend coming, after some deliberation on the landlord’s part (apparently a family of two jobless adults and two kids isn’t the most appealing prospect). It’s in Blacon, the part of Chester where we want to be, and just around the corner from the school we’d like The Bookworm to go to.

We mentioned in a previous post about some money we had received from various sources, and of people feeling that God was inviting them to be generous towards us. Since we wrote that post, we have been given even more and are now able to pay several months’ rent up front (as required by our landlord – see above ‘jobless’ comment), as well as buy a new fridge-freezer.

All in all, it’s been pretty busy, but thoroughly enjoyable. The prospect of going back to work soon has made me (Adam) realise how precious this time all together is.


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