Life at Number 10

We had a housewarming party! Which is an achievement in itself because it means that all of our stuff is no longer in boxes. We know that people don’t really do housewarming parties any more but we thought we’d give it a go.

We went around our neighbours and invited them. Five families ended up coming, and we got some cards and flowers (and a Tinker Bell magazine!) from others who couldn’t make it. It seems like we’re on a really friendly little close, and it was great to meet people and get to know them a bit better. In fact, a couple of them have already offered to babysit.

Still no advances on the job front. I (Adam) think I’ve applied for around 80 jobs since we decided to move here, with no success so far. We’re not quite in the panic zone financially, though I really ought to get a job soon. It’s been a learning experience, and one which I think has exposed some pride and prejudices (that would make a good book!) that I wasn’t fully aware of. I started signing on a couple of weeks ago and caught myself thinking, ‘Sure, I’m signing on for a while, but I’m not like those people.‘ The reality, of course, is that I am those people. As Harper Lee says, ‘There’s only one kind of folks. Folks.’
We’re still dancing, which has now switched to a Monday evening, and getting to know some of the guys there better. We’ve missed a few lessons so our Charleston and Lindy Hop skills aren’t progressing, but we’ll get back in the swing of it in March.
The first three meetings at Vineyard 53 have been awesome. The Crowne Plaza has been a great host, and I think they’ve quite enjoyed having us, particularly as we’ve been sharing our cake with the bar staff. We both had the chance to share a little bit of our story, and about how God has provided for us. We’ve met some really cool people there too.
There’s been a boys’ Fifa night (Adam came last) and a girls’ night in Chester, and this Friday there’ll be a curry night. Busy times!
We’re also going to be writing some reviews for Independent Chester (hoping to get our first one done tomorrow) and Adam is going to start volunteering in one of the local primary schools. We’re trying to use our time wisely, because we know that when we’re working again we’ll never have this much time again. We’re trying to pray about what we’re actually supposed to be doing, here is Chester and beyond that.
The Bookworm had a radical haircut today. It was her second ever visit to the hairdresser. No photo yet.
The Chap loves to eat.


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