What’s Cooking…

The last few weeks have been interesting. There has been illness, teething, worry, and a lot of fun things too (like a Fun Day we put on with Vineyard 53, and will no doubt blog about later). We have also felt like we have a big idea brewing, and we’ve started tentatively exploring how to make it happen. Much to our surprise, we’ve found that every way we look there are people who want to help us out. There’s 30 minutes until tonight’s episode of Nashville, so we’ll try to be brief…

The Idea

Chicken Katsu Image

The idea isn’t a plate of chicken and rice. *

Simply put, we’ve been dreaming about a community cafe in Blacon (the area of Chester in which we live). We’ve both spent some time putting down our vision for what it will look like and what it will do. Though there are some things which will become more defined with time but right now we feel that it would –

  • Sell healthy and affordable food
  • Teach children and families about food and cooking
  • Facilitate ‘social eating’ for families
Several pages in notebooks have been filled already with thoughts, ideas, ‘SWOT’ analyses and phone numbers of contacts. We’ve booked in a meeting with the Head of Esther’s school and our local MP, and Sarah has already met with a Social Enterprise guy in our area. Even though we haven’t actually done anything yet, we’re so grateful for the help and support of our friends.
We feel like we could be at the start of an exciting adventure so we thought we’d share with whoever reads this blog so you can come along on the journey with us.
One of the next steps is looking at potential venues. The two viable options at the moment seem to be a disused pub and the local library (which is moving premises soon). Both of these are pretty near impossible. The pub’s estate agent are currently receiving sealed bids, which end this week, and the library will probably be bulldozed by developers. We’ll also have to start looking at funding options. So we’re praying.
We’re off to watch Nashville now. Laters, y’all.
*Incidentally, the pictures are of some chicken katsu with sushi balls that we ate for lunch one day last week. I am outrageously proud of how it turned out.


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