Our first Chester summer – in (lots of) pictures.

A favourite pastime for Bookworm and Daddy, baking and making a mess. This particular session lead to yummy thin cheese straws.

Getting out around Chester, we ventured to Hawarden pick-your-own farm. There were strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries when we visited. The cafe was incredible, filled with locally sourced, handmade goodies.

Delamere Forest has become a firm favourite for a family outing. This summer it has also been home to the Gruffalo trail.  The trees are big and the sky is wide; it’s a delight to see the kids in wellies building dens. There is another lovely cafe here too, essential on an autumn day for a cuppa after a ramble among the ferns. You pay for parking as the woods is maintained by the Forestry Commission. There are workshops and special events running all year round.

The World Cup came and went, quickly. Our church was screening all the England games (of which there were fewer than hoped). There was a great atmosphere, the weather was fair and the sausages good.

The Chap turned one. He is a wild man. We love him. (Daddy made a slightly lopsided cake.)

Bookworm started full-time school in early September. She loves it – she is a real extrovert and also a little wild.

Adam made some great decorating efforts in our little rented house. Washi tape is a must to achieve this wall. He is a creative crafty guy.

I also turned a certain age this summer and to celebrate I had a royalty themed party, fact or fictional royalty that is. People made a good effort. There were two Queens of Hearts, both with hand-made costumes. Two queen bees, Freddie Mercury, Hamlet, Marie Antoinette and can you guess how the picture above links to the theme? Yes thats’s right – this crazy pair came as a king sized bed.

The aptly themed card based game, Emperor/Pauper. (Guess which is which.)

So there you have (some of) our first summer in Chester. There was a lot more fun stuff, but you’ll have to take our word for it. Now Autumn is seems to be here in earnest, we’ll try to be better at keeping you updated.


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