So that was Christmas

Happy December 29th everybody. I write this from the dining table of the home of my parents-in-law, with a half-eaten tub of Quality Street looming in my peripheral vision. I am staying strong. I’ve opted for a honey and lemon instead, to soothe the stomach and the soul after too much of everything else.

I hope you all had a merry and enjoyable Christmas, and that you were able to be near to your loved ones. Ours has been spent in a kind of suspended animation in Norfolk, and very enjoyable it’s been, too.

There has been a lovely trip to Center Parcs (of which more later), presents aplenty, Christmas day paddles in the sea, board games, and much food, wine and merriment.

We will be heading back up to Chester (probably) tomorrow morning. No doubt there will be a few Sorry We Missed You cards from Royal Mail on our doorstep, but other than that we step into slightly unknown territory. (But only slightly.) Sarah will be returning to a mad week of mega-shifts at work and I will be returning to… no work at all.
For better or worse, we’ve not spent too much time worrying (read thinking) about our less-than-ideal job situation. After all, it will be waiting for us in Chester, right? When we get back there will be a few things to consider: What kind of job do I want? Which (if either) of us should be looking at a full time job? Is this the year for a ‘sensible career move’ or to be bold and daring? Or perhaps both?
Answers in 2015, I think.

Thanks to all who let us know your Christmas traditions. Opening one gift on Christmas Eve seems to be a classic. On a culinary note, cheesy leeks to accompany Christmas Dinner is traditional for some. Sleeping in front of the Christmas tree and staging a family play were two of the more avant-garde suggestions.

We’re still working on ours. We all got new pyjamas, as anticipated, in the run-up to Christmas. I’m wearing mine now, in fact.


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