Happy New Year

It is New Year’s Day. Congratulations, good wishes, all the best, many happy returns, etc. You made it.

More to the point (after all, it is our blog) we made it. Though we spent a portion of the year jobless, a few weeks of it living in our friends’ spare room, and more than a couple of hours wondering if moving to Chester was that great an idea, we have arrived in 2015 with a roof over our heads, plenty of milk in the fridge, overall good health and smiles on our faces.

Helping to plant a new church is hard. Moving cities to help plant said church is hard. Moving cities with two small kids in hard. Actually, having two small kids is hard – and The Chap has just entered the ‘tantrum phase’ – but we live to tell the tale.

We have sustained each other. Our kids have sustained us. Our amazing neighbours and friends, old and new, have sustained us. Our church has sustained us in a new and wonderful way. Jesus has sustained us, reassured us, provided for us, and we’re very grateful.

The Bookworm has shown us amazing resilience, courage and generosity. She totally owned the idea of coming to Chester to start a church and has got stuck in with school and Vineyard Kids – though she does still miss friends from Nottingham, and having a bigger bedroom. She is loud, completely extroverted, very kind and comes up with the craziest stories.
The Chap is fearless, and is definitely a ‘grab the bull by the horns’ character. Luckily he’s not come across a bull, but he has poked dogs in the nose, fed cows and goats, and had his finger bitten by a duck. We’ve had to learn about sleeplessness, dealing with tantrums, being nice to each other at 3am. We’re still not great at childproofing our house, but surely his sister was never this destructive? Having two kids also changes your dynamic, your routines and the demands on your time, and it would be so easy for time with The Bookworm to get squeezed out; we’ve learned to book in date nights with her, to do craft or watch movies together.
This year The Bookworm discovered Makaton, which she loves, and is quite happy to put on impromptu performances of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, or Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? for any friend or relative. 
This year The Chap discovered biscuits, but not fruit. He loves remote controls and prefers dancing to talking.
They are good eggs. And so are all of you. Thank you.



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