The List: What I’m learning about being a stay-at-home dad

For the last two weeks (and for the next month at least) I have been home with the kids four days a week. Though I’m used to solo parenting, four consecutive days is a new experience for me. Here’s what I’m learning:

  • I am no longer allowed to shower
  • Any visions of my toddler helping with laundry and sweeping, though cute, are total fantasy
  • I will be unable to wear any of these clothes tomorrow
  • I now have to comb and style my daughter’s hair
  • I do not know how to do any hairstyles appropriate for a five-year-old girl
  • The other dads and male carers at toddler group would probably appreciate another guy to talk to, but are all just as nervous and socially awkward as I am
  • Allow at least an additional 40 minutes to your parents’ evening appointment time
  • Nap times of less than one hour lead to feelings of resentment towards your child
  • Nap times of over two hours lead to feelings of extreme and inexplicable guilt
  • There must be after-school snacks
  • Seriously, just make sure there are after-school snacks
  • There aren’t enough cups of tea in a day
  • This was a terrible fortnight to try and give up sugar
Most importantly I’m learning to slow down. To switch off the business/blogging/housework/worrying part of my brain and just enjoy the moment with my little ones. Because when you’re out in the sunshine, with The Chap licking mud off a trowel and The Bookworm spraying the laundry with a garden hose – you don’t get those moments back.
Any other guys adjusting to stay-at-home status? (Or do you prefer ‘primary parent’?) How are you finding it?

Let us know in the comments below.

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The List


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