Making family traditions – Easter

We love Easter.

It is fiercely competing with Christmas as my favourite holiday. We’re trying to create some family traditions and think we have a few keepers.

1. These guys (Rosie and Dave) are, like, our best friends (sorry if this sounds a bit high-school, but they are). They have been incredible friends to us over the last seven years and are Godparents to both our children.


Anyway, it is Rosie’s birthday at the start of April. This means a big gathering of people on Good Friday for birthday fun. The meeting place is most likely to be a beach. Last year Llandudno, this year New Brighton.


There are lots of beaches in the NW so hopefully we won’t run out for a while.

We love this day. There are usually five couples, and an increasing amount of children each year. (Rosie and Dave are Godparents to a few other children too.) Our eldest, the Bookworm, now says that she has a ‘Godsister’.


Since she doesn’t have a real sister this a very special friendship for her and it would be awesome if they were able to grow up together. They are incredibly funny together and quite mischievous. We obviously love hanging out with the adults too.

2. Easter Sunday champagne breakfast

Since helping start the church (Vineyard 53) here in Chester, it has become something of a tradition to throw a big Easter Sunday celebration. Last year it was lunch, this year champagne breakfast.

DSC_0083 DSC_0101

Thankfully some friends have a large garden and house. We put up a gazebo and organize teams to oversee certain aspects of the day. There were over 80 people there this year. I think the cooking team scrambled well over 150 eggs. There were crafts, games, face-painting and an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Sumo suits, giant jenga and prosecco for the adults. We also had a short reflection on what Easter meant, played a video clip and had music too.

This helps us think about the meaning of  Easter and just how we should be more joyful and celebratory at this time of year.  We love having a party feel to the event. These guys feel like our big, extended family.


3. Egg rolling

I have been telling The Bookworm about this tradition from my own family. You get your largest egg and then sit opposite a sibling or adult, two to three meters apart. Line up the trajectory of you eggs and roll. The foil protects them for a little while but the winner is whichever egg is most intact after three rolls.

Adam’s family didn’t do this. He is one of three boys, so they used to crack their Easter eggs on their heads. Or each others. I think we’ll stick with egg rolling.

4. Easter Tree

Last year we made an Easter tree out of sticks/twigs and dangly pretty things from Paperchase.

DSC_8795 DSC_8803


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2 thoughts on “Making family traditions – Easter

  1. Deborah Gallagher says:

    We don’t really have any family traditions yet and my little one has only just celebrated his first birthday, we have plenty of time to establish them but some of yours look like lovely ideas.
    The one thing I did this year was to buy him a book rather than just a chocolate egg and I think this is something that I would like to continue.


  2. Sarah Louise Kirkup (@sarahlkirkup) says:

    Wow, your little boy is one now, how time flies! The idea of getting a book over an egg, is great. I have books that were given to me when I was little. Some have an inscription on the front page which I always look upon fondly.

    Thanks for commenting on the post, makes my day to think someone has actually read it.

    Sarah K


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