Why Date Night matters

If you follow us (on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook) you might have seen the cheeky teaser below. We are going to be blogging quite a bit about ‘Date Night’ – what it is, why it matters, why we love it, and a few of our (hopefully) helpful date ideas.

Date Night Blog Logo

What are we talking about?

Date Night! Basically, we’re talking about regular, dedicated time together with your spouse. We think it’s a great way to encourage communication, romance and fun, and strengthen your relationship.

We’re talking about ‘marriage’, ‘spouse’, ‘husband/wife’, etc. because that’s our experience, but we hope that whatever your relationship looks like, married or not, our blog will have something of use.


One of the joys of blogging is discovering a community of people and their stories. Among parenting blogs, there are lots of brave mums and dads sharing honestly, openly, movingly and humorously about their kids. But we thought there was an opportunity for us to share in the same way about our relationship to each other.

Marriage is difficult. We’ve seen the articles and divorce statistics. So, since we became married we’ve tried to do all we can to stay married. ‘Date Night’ isn’t the complete answer to that, but we think it’ll help.

Who made you marriage experts?

We aren’t! One of the joys and frustrations of marriage is that you learn as you go along, and we’re learning all the time.

What we have had is access to some great resources (which we will talk about along the way), and some amazing friends, relatives and role models.

We just want to start a conversation, about our marriage and marriage in general, in the hope that it might be helpful to somebody, somewhere. And we’re starting with Date Night!

What next?

Next up will be some of our tips for dating your husband, wife, or partner.

After that some (honest) reviews of dates that we’re going on.

Of course, we welcome your comments, tips, advice and feedback.

Now, I should probably organise a date with my wife…


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4 thoughts on “Why Date Night matters

    • Adam Kirkup says:

      Hi Ceri. Thanks for your comment.

      I hope that you and your partner manage to have a date night soon. Working odd hours can be such a downer. Sarah and I both used to, but are more ‘normal’ now. Even working 9-5, it’s easy for that quality time to get squeezed out by other things.

      Thanks for reading!


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