#WickedWednesday – The Chap’s first plaster

Not much went to plan today.

#WickedWednesday blog image

I (Adam) took the kids out to the Ice Cream Farm to play in the outdoor play area. I didn’t plan to forget The Chap’s shoes.

No worries, we’ll just go on the soft play. Nope. I wasn’t wearing socks. (It’s shorts weather, okay!) So we ended up playing outside anyway, and The Chap just got dirty socks (and a couple of dirty looks, too).

His big sis, The Bookworm, didn’t plan to drop him on his head on the bookcase. She had planned to lift him up and put him in the laundry basket. I had planned to pop into the kitchen quickly without anybody sustaining a head injury.

Things don’t always go to plan.

(He’s fine, by the way.) Let us know how your parenting days have been – hopefully they went as you’d planned!


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3 thoughts on “#WickedWednesday – The Chap’s first plaster

  1. rl says:

    Pah shoes are for losers, and really what *is* the whole socks at soft play rule about, the odd veruca hurt no one! We all have these days, reminds me of the time I went to the loo and came back to find the dog painted blue. Great blog 🙂


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