Before and after – dining room revamp

Our kids went away to their grandparents for a week. It overlapped with the four day Easter weekend. (Don’t hate us too much.) We did what any other young parents-of-two would do. We painted our dining room!*

Dining Room Revamp Graphic

The dining room also happens to be a conservatory. It was super fun even after a little bit of arguing passionate discussion about:

  • what colour grey we’d choose
  • what hue of mustard would best complement it
  • whether it’s worth buying a one-coat ‘premium’ paint (it totally is!)
  • every single one of my Spotify playlists

Before – the walls were plum and brown with odd bits of peppermint green showing through. Nothing matched, and there was just a lot of clutter in the room.




After – we cleared it out, streamlined the stuff and tried to stick to a colour scheme of grey, mustard, black and white.




The main colour is Empirical Grey from Valspar. The mustard is also from Valspar. Almost all of the other new bits – frames, picture shelves, candles, rug, aloe vera – are from IKEA.



These guys seem to like it, and we do too.

Top tips we learned from the experience:

  • This job, which took three or four days in all, would have taken three weeks if the kids were around
  • Painting a set of shelves takes much longer than painting a room
  • Get good painters’ tape
  • Get help – we should have had a ‘decorating party’ to get some of the stuff done, but our  friend did help with the shelves
  • One-coat paint with built-in primer really does work
  • No pictures are going to fit in that IKEA frame

*We also had a day out in Manchester together, and a couple of leisurely mornings, and drank coffee in cafes, and ate steak. We’re not idiots.

Did anybody else do any bank holiday DIY? Or any other projects on the go? Let us know in the comments below.


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10 thoughts on “Before and after – dining room revamp

  1. sabrina says:

    Oh WOW I love this makeover! Well done guys! The grey and mustard yellow is such an on trend combo, and the shelves being incorporated just looks great. I would put a typography print in the frame, it would go so well with the modern look
    Sabrina xx.


  2. Jenny Eaves says:

    Looks great! The mustard accent looks fab with the grey. I didn’t realise that a shelf would take so long too, we have a smaller one like it that I wanted to paint, I had hoped it would be quite quick! 🙂


    • Adam Kirkup says:

      Thanks! I am usuall pretty slapdash, but Sarah made sure we did everything properly. So, the shelves were sanded then had two layers of primer before the paint went on, and we had to tape off the mustard sections for both coats of paint.

      Took ages!


    • Adam Kirkup says:

      That sounds pretty rad. We were toying with the idea of painting a lamp onto the wall in white, just above the cabinet. We’re renting, so maybe not.

      Having said that, in our last rented place I painted a huge black chalkboard moustache onto a magnolia wall. That was hard to cover.


      • Found This Painted That says:

        Lol, yes paint has been my friend/enemy too. A moustache would have been so fun. And the lamp is a cool idea – you could paint it in a glossy clear polyurethane and then it shows only when the lights hit it! …Sorry, I did it again…

        Liked by 1 person

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