Date Night Review #1

Hopefully you’ve seen our post on what Date Night is, and why it matters. Hopefully you’ve also seen our Rules of Date Night.

Well, we’ve decided to bare  all and give you honest run-downs on our dates. There’s a couple of reasons for this. Firstly to make sure we keep prioritising Date Night (because if we’re going to blog about it then we’ll have to actually do it), and secondly to give some ideas for dates, and reassurance that things don’t always go as you’d hoped.

On that note, here’s our first review. We both wrote our part without the other seeing, so these are our honest thoughts.

Date Night Review #1


I had wanted to surprise Sarah by taking her late-night swimming at a nice hotel with jacuzzis. In hindsight, I should have stuck to my guns and gone for it. Sarah had badgered me to tell her what the surprise was, and then decided that she’d rather go for a meal.

Which was fine. I like food.

Just not the food that we ate. Or the place we ate it.

I feel like there was quite a bit of pressure, because we hadn’t been ‘out’ on a date for a little while, so it kind of sucked that this place wasn’t any good. And I’d chosen it. And the swimming would have been much better.

So I felt a bit deflated, but it was still nice to spend time with Sarah. Although, maybe because of the (totally imaginary) pressure, or the not-great surroundings, we didn’t have one of those ‘deep-thoughts-and-dreams’ conversations. In fact, we had a much better time talking at home, on the couch, the following night.

Oh well. I will keep my surprises to myself next time.

Score: 2 out of 5 (because the gravy was nice)


Adam had mentioned about organising a date for Monday. This meant him taking responsibility of getting a babysitter and booking all necessary things.

Without falling in to stereotypes I must confess I can be a complicated woman. Sometimes I love surprises other times I really just need to know exactly what we are doing.

Work is a tad stressful at the moment,so I was relieved to be spending quality together but hadn’t been able to think about it all day. When Adam picked me up he announced that he had a surprise and it involved me needing my swimming costume. My first thoughts were

  1. A) I am tired
  2. B) I haven’t shaved (in a while) any of the necessary areas needed for that activity and
  3. C) I am very hungry. This is a bad combo of things to try and work with me from.

I became a little huffy and said, ‘Can’t we go for a meal instead?’ I could see Adam was disappointed as he had managed to get free passes to swimming pool at the Plaza, but he agreed and said we can do whatever I wanted.

Adam loves grammar and well written content ( hence starting Penfold) This particular menu was a nightmarish dream in terms of proofreading. He spent a little while going through all available literature on the table and remarking on the over- or under-use of commas. This left me feeling less interesting than a semi-colon.

I was still a little huffy and confused about what to eat – the menu was incredibly long. I was not going to be the most charming date. I drifted in and out of people-watching. I do love people watching. I find it oddly soothing. Guessing if it’s someones first date? Or if people are family members? Or imagining stories of how people met. This is not intended to creep anyone out. I don’t stare or stalk.

I was struggling to make deep and meaningful chat. We spoke about the business for a while and shared a little about how we are feeling about the balance of it all.

When my food came, I was disappointed. There was something hard, unchewable in every mouthful. Seeing as I had ordered the king Prawn tagine I couldn’t figure out what it was be. Did a bone of another animal enter the mix? I complained at the end. Apparently it was pieces of star anise that hadn’t been sifted out properly.

Adam had a fairly underwhelming burger. We were then charged for two cocktails at full price, not on the two-for-one price and then there was a mini flood in the ladies’.

I was aware of my bad and grumpy conduct. I felt bad. As much as I love Date Night and the concept of it, there is some wisdom in not treating it as the one magical night when everything must go to plan. Or that the sex will be smoking hot because it’s Date Night.

We did not stay for dessert. We thought about venturing elsewhere but it was already 10.15pm. In the back of my mind I also want to keep the calories down as I have started an exercise regime and definitely determined this year. this year will be the year that i become happy with my weight.

So poor Adam had tried very hard. I was really amazed at the baby sitter organisation, the idea for the swimming and the idea of the night.

The good thing is there will be more Date Nights. And I can take what I have learnt (don’t go in hungry, grumpy and unkempt) and use it for the good next time.

Adam wanted a quantifiable score so here goes: 2 out of 5

Please don’t think I am a total witch. I get very sad when food isn’t good at restaurants, especially when it is usually overpriced and it’s such a treat to get out in the evening. So the 2 is largely for the venue not the company.

Cost: £31

Time: 2 hours

Date Night Rules broken: 5 – Do Something Different

Thanks for reading. Please let us know if you’ve had Date Night this week.

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6 thoughts on “Date Night Review #1

  1. Natalie / UEM says:

    I love this. I wish we had date nights. Maybe some time soon we will feel confident in the bed time abilities of our in laws. Its also great to see the real side of it.
    Ps, I people watch too!


    • Adam Kirkup says:

      Thanks Natalie. We have been very lucky with babysitting friends.

      We don’t go out for every date though. In fact, most recently have been in the house. We will be sharing a staying-in date review next week.


  2. Adele says:

    Funny post! If my husband had organised a swimming date night, top of my list of objections would be: “I’ve not shaved!”


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