Baytown Coffee Co. Review

I love coffee. And I don’t just mean ‘I need caffeine to help me function as a normal human adult so will gladly chug down three cups of Nescafe to help me face the school run.’

I actually love the coffee itself: the smell, the taste, the process of making it, the story of its growers and its production. So I was super pleased to get a parcel this week from the awesome guys at Baytown Coffee Company up in Yorkshire, with a packet of their Albion Street blend.



Like the packet says, it’s a blend of medium and dark roasted Brazilian Santos and Costa Rican La Pastora beans. A handy date stamp on the bottom lets me know that this was roasted a couple of weeks ago, then ground before posting. Compared to supermarket coffees – which can take over 18 months to get from roasting and grinding to your shopping basket – this is properly fresh coffee.



I brewed up a cup in my trusted Hario V60 dripper. (If you’re into coffee, and you don’t have one of these, then you should definitely splash out the teeny £4 on a plastic one. It will seriously up your brewing game.)

Baytown haven’t gone down the trendy route of making a super light, ‘blonde’ roast. They’ve kept it trad, with a darker roast that remains mellow and smooth. I’m no expert at spotting ‘flavour notes’, but the advertised ripe cherry taste is definitely there, and I’d say toffee and dates too.

It’s a smooth cup. I could drink a couple.



The course grind means you can brew this in a drip filter or a cafetiere. It’s ethically sourced from co-operatives and well-looked-after suppliers, and the Baytown Co. are involved with a couple of local charities, so you can feel good about drinking it, too.

If you spend a lot of time and money in cafes, I’d recommend getting a bag of this and brewing your morning coffee at home. You can make just as good a cup (if not better), and congratulate yourself for saving money. I intend to woo Sarah with a cup of this and some pancakes tomorrow morning.

You can check out Baytown Coffee Company’s website here, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their coffee is available from this site, or you can pop in and see them.

Disclosure – Baytown Coffee Company sent me this coffee for free. But they didn’t say I had to be nice. All opinions are mine, as are the vintage teaspoons.

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