DIY art – dining room revamp


You might have seen our Dining Room Revamp post recently. After having a dining room we didn’t really like for the last year and a bit, we decided to spruce it up. Now we love being in there, but we had one wall that wasn’t quite finished. It was supposed to be a ‘gallery wall’, but all it had on was an empty IKEA frame. Now it looks like this.


I filled the big frame with a unique, bespoke, one-of-a-kind priceless piece. Which I made with a potato. There’s a great how-to on DesignSponge.



It’s printed on a sheet of A2 art card from Hobbycraft, which cost £1.70. I already had the ink and the potato, so all in all it’s a cheap project. And I think it looks pretty good.



I managed to get another couple of bargains from TK Maxx, in the form of the little Quiet Amsterdam book and the ‘You Are Loved’ print. They came to £6 together. We went to Amsterdam together a few years ago, so the book is a nice little reminder.

I made the ‘Hold Fast’ picture myself. It was an attempt to copy some cool typography I found on Pinterest. It is very scrappy, but looks alright from a distance.

The calligraphy on the left is a beautiful handwritten Bible verse from our friend Preme. She runs a company called Xylo, who make the most amazing furniture. We both love it, and it goes really well with our colour scheme.


So, a pretty cheap and (I think) lovely gallery wall.


Has anyone else had any success doing DIY art? We’d love to see it – put a link in the comments!

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