Care for the Family

Great news, you guys! Sarah is off to BritMums Live next month. She is super excited about it, and not just because she gets to have a kid-free weekend. (Sleeping past 6am! Wearing earrings! Not having snot on her clothes!) It’s going to be a great chance to meet people, learn new things and get inspired.


We are very grateful to Care for the Family, whose sponsorship has made it possible for Sarah to go. It’s amazing to have a sponsor whose work we really believe in, and who share a lot of our values.

Care for the Family has been around since 1988 (just like me!) and they’re all about strengthening family life. Its founder, Rob Parsons, has written a load of helpful books. I have read a couple of them, The 60 Minute Marriage, and The 60 Minute Father, which I love because they are short, but contain a lot of great insight and wisdom about parenting, marriage, having good priorities, and working at creating and keeping strong relationships.

The charity works with couples, families, parents, and people dealing with bereavement, through events, books, courses, podcasts and their website. Here’s a 60 second video to tell you what they’re about:

Sarah went with a few friends to their Mum’s The Word event last year, and really enjoyed it. Though she did get annoyed that I kept stealing borrowing her ‘Mums are a big deal’ tote bag.

I’d really recommend checking out their site, or any of the 60 Minute books. We haven’t listened to their Marriage Challenge podcast, but we’re going to give it a whirl – it seems like it would be right up our street, after all.

Chester, Leeds and Northern Ireland folks – Care for the Family have an event called Parentalk coming up in the Autumn. We’ll be talking more about it nearer the time, or you can check our their site.


So, big thanks again to Care for the Family! And Sarah will see some of you guys at BritMums Live.


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