From blogging to jogging

I’m trying to jog. Again.


Times and places in my life where I have attempted to ‘get into jogging’:

  • Age 15: The park round the corner from my house growing up in Norfolk.
  • Age 17: The beach 30 mins away from my house (If I failed at jogging round the park why I thought the beach would be any easier? Sand is tough.)
  • Age 19: The lake near my apartment in Shanghai.
  • Age 20: Round my campus at Nottingham Trent University.
  • Age 22: The river Trent near where we lived in Nottingham.
  • Age 27 (Present day): The cycle path near our house in Chester.

Now some of you may be thinking, you have over a decade worth of failed attempts at this – why continue in this way? You could try a different form of exercise?

That would be a very reasonable suggestion. I do hear swimming is meant to be the ultimate exercise. Does everything apparently. But I cannot swim. I only just got my 25 metres certificate at school. I had a boating accident in my teens and also loathed the swimming costume situation; being a littler heavier than most in middle school, this was not my favourite activity.

I have considered the ‘workout from home’ option,. I have friends that do 30 day shred, T-25, Davina workouts, dance workout, X-box Knect routines and even Rosemary Conley DVDs. I’ve tried T-25. It’s hard but probably would deliver results if you stuck at it. The problem (or my excuse) is my lounge. My lounge is rather on the small side. One particular time during a highly energetic attempt at a workout I manged to cut my leg on the fire place and the following week severely bruised my hand on a door handle.

I do love the idea of classes. I would like to explore yoga, zumba, circuits and kick boxing. However, I don’t drive and money is a little tight at the moment. I hoping both these things will change in the near future.

What I like about the idea of jogging is the fresh air and freedom. Now it’s getting warmer and I have a route, great playlists and appropriate clothing. I even have the long clinging leggings – they actually say ‘run’ on the drawstrings!

I’m enjoying it more this time round than I ever have. This is partly down to having a little more guidance on jogging technique. I downloaded the Couch to 5k app from the NHS website to my phone. It’s basic increment training where you do a mixture of running and walking each 30 minute session. As the weeks and difficulty increase you do less walking and more jogging. It claims by the end of the 9 week programme (doing each podcast 3 times a week) that you will be able to jog for 30 minutes non-stop. I’m currently on week 4. You run for 5 minutes straight with 2 minutes of walking thrown in each side.  I haven’t found it as impossible as I thought.

Now I need the motivation to persevere. I do have a goal to lose weight but I want to think of it more as creating a healthy lifestyle habit. I have gotten so down before about monitoring my weight. Oh, the crazy diets and impossible exercise routines. It would be so terribly discouraging when my weight would stay the same. Or I’d make a minuscule loss, which would jump right back on if I so much as looked at a bar of Galaxy.

I’m retraining my brain how I perceive beauty. There is much work to be done. We are told absolute rhubarb from such an early age about what our bodies should look like. From magazines, TV, the internet, endless advertising, they are very embedded, almost unquestioned lies. I have found reading and watching stuff by the ‘EMBRACE’ movement very helpful on this. I also love the #thisgirlcan campaign. Maybe I should join a hockey team?

At the moment I’m doing well with the jogging. I also have two friends who are doing the podcast too. One is ahead of me and the other two weeks behind. It’s fun to talk about afterwards and the encouraging ‘you can do it’ spirit of another novice jogger goes a long way.

I’m reluctant to sign this off by adding my weight.  I have noticed that my bathrooms scales are a little inconsistent. If you move them round the bathroom, on to various different tiles, they give you a range of readings. Also coming back to the whole not scrutinizing the lbs thing. I have found this unhelpful in the past. I know for some it’s a great way to track progress and gives a quantifiable definition of closing in on goals.. I may do some chest, hip and thigh measurements though, as these can be a good indicator of progress.

I hope this is just the start of my blogging to jogging journey. Will update soon with hopefully some achievements.

(PS. That picture isn’t me. I obviously don’t have any photos of myself jogging.)




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7 thoughts on “From blogging to jogging

  1. Sarah kelly says:

    Love this Sarah! You go for it! And definitely stay away from the scales-it’s not helpful when looking at health as a holistic, lifetime thing! (Maybe instead take some pictures as they can be a good thing to look back on in a year to keep you motivated and celebrate how far you progress..)
    You’re beautiful! 🙂


    • Sarah Kirkup says:

      Thanks so much Sarah. I really do feel all the better for it. That in itself is giving me motivation enough to stick with it at the moment.
      Hope all is well in actress land.
      You’re beautiful too! 🙂


  2. Kath S {isitwineoclock} says:

    Fab, I have tried Davina workouts etc but I think I always find an excuse not to put it on. I found if I signed up to runs I couldn’t find an excuse not to go out and train too.
    Also ive tried to stay away from scales and started measuring. This is what changes with running i think! #bloggingtojogging


    • Sarah Kirkup says:

      Hi Kath, thanks so much for your comment. I’m terrible with the home DVD’s. I know in theory they should be a great solution. A friend did tell me about a ‘Street Fit class’ today. Which sounds interesting. Are there good classes near you?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sarah Kirkup says:

        Yes as you name would suggest, wine seems largely the best option. Adam still can’t get me drink red though. Think I just haven’t found the right one.


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