Monthly Bucket List – June

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Once again, we are linking up our Monthly Bucket List with Twinderelmo.


On reflection, May has been a really chaotic month. There were a lot of good things – going out, having people round for dinner, a stag party, a wedding – but maybe not a lot of rest and recuperation.

Let’s see how we did on our May goals:

Have a birthday party! – No tick. Though we did have a great date eating ribs and watching the Avengers movie.

Go to (and blog about) Geronimo festival – Half tick! We went. Yet to blog about it.

Hopefully get a sponsor for BritMums live – Tick! Woohoo.

Plan in quality time together – Tick. We did have a few date nights in amongst all the frenzy.

Get a nice photograph of our family – Erm…does this count? No tick.

Keep fit – Tick (Sarah – jogging, gym). No tick (Adam – eating brownies).

Could be better, I guess. My birthday was a particular highlight. I went to New Brighton in the daytime with The Bookworm. We went rock-pooling, attempted crabbing and had hot chocolates. Then in the evening Sarah and I had a gloriously meaty meal and a trip to the cinema.


Run a blog competition – Does anyone have any good advice? We’d love to increase our reach and readership a bit (especially on Facebook), and this seemed a good way to go.

Reach 1,000 followers on Twitter – Not too far to go.

Have a party – No excuse this month. We’ll just have to have a party for no reason.

Keep fit (again) – Sarah is still jogging and going to the gym. I am not. Must try harder.

Spend less, save more – Our kids are going to their grandparents’ in August. It would be perfect if we could afford to go somewhere hot and relaxing. That means we need to start making some more money, and spending less.

Visit two new places in North Wales – Not including Llay, where our friends are getting married this weekend. But hopefully some more beaches. We can actually see as far as North Wales from one of our upstairs windows, and those big hills (or small mountains) are quite enticing.

Cook some recipes from Deliciously Ella – She will be speaking at BritMums Live, so I bought Sarah the cookbook (good husband that I am). We’ve both been freaking out about our sugar intake, so I hope we can find some inspiration.

Make crumpets – Never tried it, but all of us love them. How hard could it be?

What do all you lovely people have planned this month? Any long-term goals that you’re finally going to tick off the list? Let us know below. 

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2 thoughts on “Monthly Bucket List – June

  1. twinderelmo2014 says:

    Hope to see you at BritMums! When you are offered reviews if you ask if they’d like you to host a competition too that run alongside the review that is a great way to get prizes
    Hope the baking and exercising is going well & enjoy BritMums
    Thanks so much for linking xx


    • Sarah Kirkup says:

      Great advice. I have noticed since we signed up to Bloglov’in there has been more e-mails coming our way with regards to reviews/collaborations. Not every opportunity would be appropriate for our readers and I guess you always want to have integrity with how you review things. Thanks so much for hosting. Hopefully see you there. x


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