Fathers’ Day Gift Guide


It’s Fathers’ Day on Sunday. Sarah isn’t going to be around. Apparently staying on in London an extra day after BritMums Live to ‘see her friends’ is a good enough reason to miss this totally legitimate, incredibly important, absolutely not-made-up celebration.

Anyway, I’ve got you covered! Here is the Four for the Road Fathers’ Day Gift Guide 2015. We’ve got gifts to suit all budgets, for adventurous dads, coffee-loving dads, and dads who just want a nice bottle of whisky.

Coffee lovers (4)

  1. Innis and Gunn Rum Cask – 7.4% – A really interesting, flavoursome beer finished off in rum casks. Available at Sainsbury’s and Waitrose for £1.75
  2. Brew Craft Beer Papa Hopton’s APA Kit – Why buy beer when you can brew it? This kit from Brew Craft Beer has all you need to brew your own hoppy American-style pale ale. £29.95
  3. Talisker 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky – A bottle of whisky is the obvious choice for a good reason. You can do a lot worse than this smoky, peaty 10-year-old. From most supermarkets. Around £30
  4. Next Metal Hip Flask – Every man should have a hip flask, just in case. This metal number from Next does the job with no unnecessary frills. £12

Coffee lovers

  1. Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker – It might look weird, but this is your gateway to a world of incredibly smooth, delicious coffee at home. Amazon£23
  2. Hario Ceramic Burr Hand Grinder – Freshly ground coffee is worlds apart from pre-ground bags. Ceramic burrs give a much more consistent grind, and what could be manlier than doing it by hand? Amazon. £21
  3. Keepcup – This is the first ever barista standard reusable cup. They come in all standard coffee sizes, to house your espresso, flat white or mega latte in style. And you can design your own colour combo on the Keepcup website. From £7
  4. Le Creuset Black Satin Stoneware Mug – A serious mug for serious coffee. It just feels like quality. Amazon£14
  5. Decent Coffee – I have to tell you something. Supermarket coffee is bad. This bag of single origin Rwandan Kigeyo from Ozone Coffee is very, very good. From £9.

Coffee lovers (5)

  1. Metal Carabiner – For what? For everything! Hanging things off things. Attaching things to other things. Trust me, he’ll find a use. This no-nonsense snap-gate carabiner from AustriAlpin will do just fine. Rock & Run. £5
  2. Gentlemen’s Hardware Enamel Mug – Even if this mug never sees the inside of a tent, he’ll be sipping coffee like a real pioneer. Bloomsbury Store£7.95
  3. Camelbak Eddy Drinking Bottle  – Perfect for work, camping or Saturday morning football, this water bottle is strong and spill-proof. Amazon. from £9
  4. Gentlemen’s Hardware Credit Card Multi-tool – This stainless steel tool will fit in his wallet. It includes a wrench, ruler, saw edge, knife, screwdriver and – most importantly – a bottle opener. ASOS£7.95
  5. Stanley 0.5 Litre Classic Food Flask – Stanley. It rhymes with ‘manly’. This hardcore flask will give your tomato soup an extra dose of testosterone. Amazon£19

Coffee lovers (6)

  1. Herschel Supply Co. Roy Wallet – This streamline wallet design looks cool, and will ensure that it doesn’t get filled up with useless receipts and bits of paper. Route One. £24.99
  2. Cheese – Like, good cheese. You could even go to a cheese shop, or at least to the deli counter. After all, it’s only once a year, right?
  3. Vintage Ukulele Combo in Natural – This natural finish Ukulele comes with its own bag and tuning pipes. He’ll be rocking out in no time. Gear4Music£24
  4. Moleskine Soft Back Dotted Notebook – Men use notebooks too! This one is dotted so it’s great for drawings, schematics, lists and, y’know, love poetry. Moleskine£17.50 (or you can usually pick up really interesting notebooks at TK Maxx)
  5. Sriracha Hot Sauce – This Thai hot sauce is pretty hot, but it’s super tasty. Amazing on a fried egg sandwich. From some supermarkets, or most Asian stores. About £2
  6. Nike Tiempo Lime Training Ball – Kickabouts with the kids are better with a good ball. This one is lime green, so it’s harder to lose. Clubline Football£7.69
  7. CD – Old school, I know. But my car still plays CDs, and I can’t be the only one. Check out charity shops for some old favourites or really push the boat out and make a mix CD.

What will you be getting your dad this Fathers’ Day? Or what do you hope your kids will get you? Let us know in the comments.

I’d settle for a lie-in and some chocolate brownies. But since my wife is in London, I guess those will have to wait.


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5 thoughts on “Fathers’ Day Gift Guide

  1. Morgan Prince says:

    My boys got their dad a hip flask last year for Father’s Day. He loved it!

    A great list of stuff here and I’ll be sure to show your post to my boys so they can get some ideas. 🙂


    • Adam Kirkup says:

      Glad it was useful. Adam simply went on the principle of all the gift that he would like to recieve. His brother in fact looked at the list and bought gifts off it for Adam’s birthday present. It was defo worth him writing it! 😉


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