Family Adventure – The Great Orme

Our family day out this week led us to Llandudno. Here we found the Great Orme. I’m sure there’s a wealth of history behind this rather large hill. Unfortunately the Chap was running amok in the little museum so I was unable to read any of it.


I do know that the tram we took up there was very old. It was also great fun. There are two trams you have to get to reach the summit. The Chap who is almost two was thrilled at the fact there were no windows or car seats. This gave him complete freedom to poke his head out of the window like a woof woof and wave manically at any passer-by.


I think the Great Orme must lay claim to at least the best high-altitude playpark in Wales, if not in Britain. I’ve not come across any other peak summit which has sported such a well designed jungle gym. There was a great cafe at the top too and on this particular day a male voice choir. Adam was even able to satisfy his craving for a ‘not real sausage’ hot dog at this altitude. He was unaware of the Chap’s appreciation for this particular artificial food substance and soon lost the rights to his snack.

DSC_0484 DSC_0508

Bookworm enjoyed the large slide and running down part of the hill as the midway-to-summit train had broken down. I was happy to try a little descent with them both. I want to get the whole family in training for the Lake District next year. Adam has never been.

After our little toddle down to the midway station, and the final tram to the bottom, we soon found ourselves almost right on the pier. Fish and chips were naturally the order of the day. Even with me being on quite the health kick at the moment, I could not deny myself this seaside ritual.


We embarked on the beach. Spades, buckets, towels and spare change of clothes: prepped! (We are never usually this organised.) The kids had been up since 6 am though, so we had had enough time to get ourselves together. I took the Chap a bit further down the beach in search of the best sand-castle-consistency sand. He had a dabble in the odd rock pool but became a tad nervous at the sight of a crab near his toe. Bookworm did unfortunately (but hilariously) slip on a piece of seaweed and landed smack on to her bottom. The Chap and I were both laughing. The Bookworm (who is six in Novemebr) insisted in her rather 15-year-old-like manner that it was not in fact funny and stormed up the beach in search of a comforting daddy.


The Chap was demonstrating the importance of the ‘getting the rocks in your bucket first’ principle. What is it with boys and rocks?

We were pretty tired by 2.45pm. The Chap had missed his nap but powered on till we made it to the car. Thankfully we were just off the high-street. We really like Llandudno. It’s about an hour’s drive from Chester, but worth it. Next time we will stop at the bay just before called Colwyn Bay as I’ve great things about this area too.


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