Help! I’ve forgotten how to read.

Summer holiday book recommendations

I have to tell you something.

Our children are going to their grandparents for a week. (Again.)

There, I said it. If you listen carefully, you can hear the collective resentment of parents everywhere.

I know. We are very lucky. Even luckier that for half the week we’ll be in Eindhoven, having some quality time together, drinking coffee and reading books.

But there’s the problem. We both used to read quite a lot. (I studied English at Uni, so I kind of had to.) But since our bundles of joy showed up, we’ve got out of the habit.

So far this year, I can think of only one book that I’ve read from start to finish. That was called the $100 Startup and it was a great read when I was dreaming of setting up my own business. Which I did. (And it’s only four quid on Kindle.)

So, what do we do? The last fiction books I read were The Pirates! in an Adventure with the Romantics, and a few others in that series. Do I stick with funny pirate stories, or go for something more serious, like the new Harper Lee book, Go Set a Watchman? (I must confess that I haven’t actually finished To Kill A Mockingbirdbut I do love the movie.)

Then there is the not insubstantial question of the hardback edition of David Mitchell’s novel The Bone Clocks that’s been sat gathering dust at my bedside since Christmas Day.

I’m lost. I’m adrift. Good people of the internet, I need your help!

I’d really love your book recommendations.

A few things to note:

  • They can be old or new, ‘popular’ or ‘literary’. Fiction or non.
  • I like anything funny, strange or out of the ordinary. I also love Marvel Comics.
  • Sarah likes anything to do with China, and also real life stories.
  • No kids’ books! We read enough of those already.

Please help. With a bit of luck we’ll be curled up on a sofa in a Dutch cafe, sipping lattes and reading one of your recommendations. (Sorry, had to rub it in.)

Let us know your suggestions in the comments below.


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