Family Adventure – The Ice Cream Farm

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Toadstool Play House

When we first moved to Chester – almost 18 months ago – people kept telling us a few things:

  1. Buy an umbrella
  2. Get a Chester Zoo membership
  3. Go to the Ice Cream Farm

So we ended up doing all three. The old Ice Cream Farm was a great place to take the kids. Animals. Ice Cream. Soft Play. What’s not to love?

Yesterday we were thrilled to go along to a special preview of the newly refurbished, all-singing all-dancing, deluxe edition Ice Cream Farm. It was amazing!

The ‘disclaimer’ bit: we got free entry to all the bits and free ice cream. The Ice Cream Farm hasn’t paid us or told us what to say.

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Snow Tree

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Play Bubble

You enter into an outdoor play area of toadstool houses, squishy floors, trampolines, crooked cottages, rickety bridges and an enormous ice cream tree. Every so often, the tree decides to blast snow all over the place.

Our kids were happy playing for ages out there. The wacky designs and super bright colours reminded Mummy and The Bookworm of The Lorax, which is one of their favourite books (and movies).

The design is lovely, and we didn’t have any really concerns of The Chap (nearly two) injuring himself. The Bookworm was absolutely in her element.

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Play Trampoline

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Playground

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Play Tunnel

And then there was the Honeycomb Barn. This massive space was dedicated to sand and water play, with loads of pumps, screws, tubs and contraptions about the place.

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Water Play

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Honeycomb

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Honeycomb Barn

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Soggy Water Play

The Chap loved this bit. He bumped into a toddler friend from one of his groups and they played for ages, splashing each others’ hands with the water pumps.

Then he fell down on his bum in a stream and was a little soggy and annoyed. Definitely bring a change of clothes for this bit.

There was also a ‘climbing wall’ style climbing frame in the Honeycomb Barn, with a pole slide down the other side. The Bookworm was adamant that she could make it over and, after a couple of attempts, she did.

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Climbing Wall

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Slide

Obviously, it wouldn’t have been a day at the Ice Cream Farm without some ice cream! There was a more limited than usual offering because it was a preview day (around eight of their usual 50-odd flavours), but they are all delicious. The Chap had chocolate. Daddy and The Bookworm had Oreo, white chocolate and raspberry. Mummy went for sticky toffee pudding.

The ice creams were all quickly polished off, despite the wind and the play area vying for attention.

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Cones

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Chocolate

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Henhouse

Next up was a spot of crazy golf. Turns out that crazy golf is a toddler’s mortal enemy, so The Chap set out to do everything in his power to destroy it. This included stealing balls, throwing away clubs and trying to escape.

The rest of us enjoyed it. I won.

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Family

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Crazy Golf

Then we were back on the play area for more.

There were some brand new JCBs and quad bikes (presumably for older kids) but they weren’t operational yet.

All in all, the place is really well done, super kid-friendly and colourful, and our two loved it.

We were really grateful to go along to the preview day, particularly as all the attractions were free. On a normal day admission is free, giving you access to the outdoor area, but the Honeycomb Barn, crazy golf and other bits would cost money.

You can find out more on the Ice Cream Farm site.

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Bridge

Has anyone else been? What did you think? And which ice cream is your favourite?

Or is there anything similar near you? Let us know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Family Adventure – The Ice Cream Farm

    • Adam Kirkup says:

      Thanks Claire.

      I am still daydreaming about the Oreo ice cream. And I’ve definitely made a mental note of the Honeycomb Barn for an Autumn/Winter day out.


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