Our Sunday Photo #3: The Ice Cream Farm

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Cheshire Ice Cream Farm Smug

We had a fairly epic day yesterday, which included a preview of the newly refurbished Ice Cream Farm. (The full post is coming later today.)

This boy loved it. And he managed to get through two changes of clothes.

What did you all get up to this weekend?

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11 thoughts on “Our Sunday Photo #3: The Ice Cream Farm

    • Adam Kirkup says:

      Thanks for having us.

      The Ice Cream Farm is amazing. It’s a bit of an institution around here, and they’ve just had a super refurbishment, so now it looks like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets The Lorax.


    • Adam Kirkup says:

      Oh, he was! His T-shirt enjoyed it too.

      Long gone are the days of trying to get him to share a cone with his big sister.


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