Our Sunday Photo #4: The Veg Men Summer Party


A cheeky one from last weekend, but we have been enjoying the same delicious tomatoes all week.

The kids also went with Daddy to a pick-your-own farm this week to pick strawberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants.

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9 thoughts on “Our Sunday Photo #4: The Veg Men Summer Party

    • Sarah Kirkup says:

      Hello Sarah, thanks so much for your comment! These were super tasty. Loving your blog. Now that we live in Chester I seem to get more excited when I see Welsh bloggers. We hope to get to know that part of the country a lot more, it’s so beautiful! x


  1. nikkifrankhamilton says:

    The colors of the produce are so vibrant. I loved how you framed the shot. That one tomato looks like a rooster’s comb, what type is it? So cool.


    • Sarah Kirkup says:

      Thanks for your comment Nikki! I feel a bit of a fraud, these are not my tomatoes. Our friends have a little bit of a farm and produce veg boxes that arrive at your door. These are a selection of what we had at their party. Our friends are called the ‘Natural Veg Men’. They are very active on FB and Twitter. I will endeavour to find you an answer. 🙂


    • Sarah Kirkup says:

      These were so yummy. They were grown by some friends that supply veg boxes to people’s doors ( The Natural Veg Men). We have tried to grow some toms this year to but they are still very green and on the plant. Will they ever ripen? How are yours doing?


    • Sarah Kirkup says:

      They were very yummy. We get a medium veg box from these guys delivered each week. it has really inspired our cooking.


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