Now That You’re Two


Two tomorrow. Where has the time gone, Chap?

You just spent a week with you big sister and Nanny and Pappa in Norfolk. (Mummy and Daddy had a little city break in the Netherlands.)

You came back from you week away looking taller, saying more words and – if possible – even more loopy. For some reason your five-year-old sister was allowed to watch Mamma Mia and has memorised the entire sound track, so you’re singing it too. When you give a rendition of Dancing Queen it is really something special. However, your Let it Go song and dance routine is far more polished.

You are, on the whole, a very happy chap and the thing you adore most in life is your sister (well, your sister and your animal snuggie). You would follow her to the end of the garden, end of the road, end of the earth. You are as barmy and one another. It is something you will continue to develop and thrive in. After all, your father is the main fruit loop of this household!

My boy, you are utterly squishable. You love a good cuddle and you love all things comfortable. You learned the word and concept of ‘cosy’ about four months ago and would ask if you could ‘get cosy’. You’ve out grown your cosy shark onesie, soon to be replaced, I’m sure.

Your love of animals is fascinating. When we moved here 18 months ago we knew that getting a annual zoo pass would only be a good thing. You and Daddy have special one-on-one time at the zoo every Monday. He asks you what animal is first on your agenda and treats you to a ride on the monorail. Currently you are a big fan of the zebra and rhino. And you’re mega proud to wear your special lion T-shirt whenever possible.

Another delight of your almost-24-month life are cars. You have way over 30. You even have Hot Wheels cars which technically say ages 3+. (Look what lenient and carefree parents you have!) A particular habit of yours is lining them all up nice and straight. And then, it’s time to ‘Wreck it Ralph.’

It’s a phrase your sister taught you. Even though you don’t know the character and have never seen the movie, you have grasped the phrase with both hands. ‘Wreck it Ralph!’ you shout, and boom, crash, whack, a tiny terror of destruction is unleashed. This is usually most effective after your sister has spent almost half and hour reconstructing Howl’s Moving Castle from Duplo. She gets a bit grumpy at you then.

You are already quite the foodie. You have been known to snack on pecans and pistachios and to wolf down chickpeas and butternut squash at a rate. Your current favourite is ‘lamali’ (salami) so today we had it for breakfast. The other day you asked for not milk, juice or water but ‘coppee’. I have told you more than once about drinking my cold cups of coffee which are strewn about the house. In your world there is always time for two things. One is ice cream (especially at the Ice Cream Farm). The other is ‘dig dig’.

Your words are precious and it hasn’t been long since you have learnt to say, ‘I love you mummy’. Although in the same week you also told me ‘Mummy, not allowed it’ and told Daddy to ‘get back’ when he was standing next to the road. You are constantly telling your sister to ‘come here’ and reminding her to be ‘careful’.

Your physical prowess is something to be admired. Although, my boy, you are small in stature (this may always be the case, sorry your father isn’t taller) you do incredibly nimble things. You sister has been practising doing a cartwheel for the last six weeks, so you have too. Your version involves raising your arms over your face and spinning round very fast. You then go quickly into the position of attempting a forward roll.

Perhaps your greatest future sporting asset will be your throw. You have an arm on you. Whether it’s throwing your toys across the room, your bowl from the hair chair, stones at the car, shoes at your sister, the sippy cup at Mummy, or cutlery at Daddy, your power is impressive and your aim is true.

Today at a teddy bears picnic you played with a toy kitchen and made me a cup of tea. You have not really done it before and it made me incredibly excited to think that we are entering the realm of imaginative interactive play. What is going to be your favourtite thing to act out? What characters will excite you? I know in part to expect Spiderman, Batman and an array of superheroes. I hope I can be great sidekick to all your adventures. I will have to fight, no doubt , to get any role as your big sister will be the first in line to accompany you on all your journeys.

Oh Chap, how your sister adores you. I want to tell you this now because later down the line I am sure you will fight and argue and this may seem far from the truth. But right now, August 2015 she loves you with all her heart. Sometimes it’s silly little things; when out shopping if I get her a treat for doing well at school and she will make sure there’s a treat for you too.

In the mornings she can be a little grumpy. If I wake her or try to get her up for school, there is sass and arguments. Yet when shout at her, ‘wake up, wake up’ or sing the ‘morning song’ (recently taught by Nanny) it’s a different story. You can even sit on her head in the nappy you’ve worn all night and she will wake up beaming at you and declare how much she loves you. She obviously gets angry when you hit her, but has the quickest forgiveness turnaround when you then run and cuddle her.

I should tell you now that she makes you wear dresses. All types of mismatched outfits. Currently you just can’t decide if Tinker Bell, the short little number with the wings, is your jam or if the pink silk satin Minnie Mouse dress with matching ears is just right for you. I’m not saying anything. I tell you good job and how handsome you are when you parade in with multiple necklaces and bags.

Right now you’re asleep. You’re fed and clean and healthy and safe in your cot, with your trusty animal snuggie at your side. Mummy and Daddy are blowing up balloons and trying to make a dinosaur cake for tomorrow. It might be a disaster, but you won’t mind. (And if it is, we just won’t put a picture of it on the blog!)

Sleep tight, little Chap. Two tomorrow.


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