A day out at Paradise Island Adventure Golf

It’s that weird time between Christmas and New Year, and the weather is a bit rubbish. We braved the beach in gale force winds on boxing day (a Kirkup family tradition). We’ve taken a long walk up a hill, made a LEGO Rapunzel tower and even attempted tidying.

Golf 1

So when Paradise Island Adventure Golf asked if we wanted to come and check out their new venue – for free! – we jumped at the chance. And we brought some friends along for the fun.

Their new course – two courses, in fact – are based at the Coliseum in Ellesmere Port, right next to Cheshire Oaks retail park. Apparently the building used to be a nightclub, but now it’s full of huge model monkeys, sharks and scuba divers.

We did 18 holes on their Lazy Lagoon course which starts, or so they tell us, in a Moroccan bazaar and continues on through an Indian jungle and culminates on a desert island. There are plenty of decorative elements around the place which added a bit of interest for the kiddos.

Golf 2

Most of the holes are pretty straightforward, though Daddy still managed to lose in spectacular fashion. Luckily our good friends Rosie and Dave were on hand to show the kids how to actually hit a golf ball.

Some of the more interesting holes had tunnels to shoot the ball through, with sensors and noises. The Chap got a special, hockey-stick-like club which would probably have made things a lot easier for him if he hadn’t have insisted on using his sister’s.

It definitely wasn’t the most taxing mini golf course we’ve done, though it was good for The Bookworm, who bagged a couple of hole-in-ones.

For four adults and two kids (one under five and one over) it would have cost us £36, which seems a little steep. As it was, we had a fun time with our friends and managed to avoid the weather for a while.

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