On work, quad biking and tonsillitis

I’m writing from a soft play, in the midst of a six-year-old’s birthday party. I have positioned myself far from the other adults, looking as unapproachable as possible. I have severe tonsillitis, for which I’m taking antibiotics.

The Bookworm is somewhere on the soft play, and I’m sure she’s perfectly fine.

So 2016, how’s it going for you?

Christmas was long ago. Ours was ace. We didn’t do the whole travelling up and down the country thing this time. Being based in Chester our travel time to in-laws and my parents has increased. We have to trek to Northumberland and Norfolk to get to see these lovely folk. Instead, we caught up with my parents during December at the Center Parcs in Cumbria. Again, fairly controversial but we took the Bookworm out of school the week before the Christmas break up. The price for a four day midweek break almost triples as soon as it hits the school holidays, so with all considered we felt it was worth it. On average the kids get to see my parents two or three times a year, so every occasion counts.

We had an ace time. The Chap loved the pool for a few reasons:

  1. There were buckets and watering cans
  2. It was super warm
  3. He got to eat chips by the pool in his swimwear

Adam and I went quad biking. I surprised myself with the speed junkie performance I gave. The track was fast, dirty and bumpy. The girl in front of me rolled her bike on top of her, thankfully she was okay.

Adam and I had our annual Aqua Sauna experience. The Twilight Spa package. You get five hours exploring the 11 different experiences. Outdoor swimming in December is always a highlight. We vow after every visit to eat cleaner, exercise more and take better care of ourselves. Hmm…

Adam went with the kids from Center Parcs across the country to Northumberland, to his hometown. The kids love visiting grandma and grandad. There are treats galore and a beach within view of the house,  which they insist on going to despite the weather. I had work for the rest of the week up until Christmas Eve.

Oh and that’s a thing, work. I’ve said farewell to my four-day-a-week pattern and hello to the standard five days and week 9-5. I’m 28 and have avoided the full time pattern thus far so I should be incredibly grateful. I feel like I now understand that whole living-for-the-weekend attitude.

A week is so long and I miss the Chap. He is loving his increased time with Daddy though. The Chap gets three days a week with Daddy and two days in lovely (but expensive) nursery. This is half of the reason for the decline in blogging of late.

After sitting at a screen all day, my desire to come home and do the same has understandably diminished. I’m hoping once Adam’s business (Penfold Content) is more established that I may have the delight of a part time setup again.

But back to Christmas – my favourite Christmas present were an awesome jumper from RAD, my FitBit and a Lumie lamp.

The lamp really works for me. You set it to create a sunrise. Over the course of half and hour, the lamp gradually illuminates, dragging you gently into consciousness.


No ghastly sounding alarms here anymore. Though it doesn’t seem to have had the same rousing effect on Adam so far.

It also has a 30 minute sunset mode which is good for Bookworm to try and wind down to.

My Fitbit made me fully realise how many few steps I do each day. Since January 10th I have been walking the 35 minute journey from my office to my house. This is the only way I’m anywhere near the reconmmended 10,000 steps a day. I haven’t jogged since I did the 5K back in the summer. As the weather fell into autumnal rains, I decided to use that as fitting excuse to put the jogging gear to the back of the wardrobe for a while.

If I were to pick it up again, I’d be back to square one (and back to week one of the couch to 5K podcast), but in a slightly better mental place as I know have already achieved this fitness once before, so it is entirely possible.

It’s been to good to catch up. But if you’ll excuse me, there’s a random toddler poking me, and our particular gaggle of children is being called in to their nuggets and chips.

Have a good week.

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