Quesadillas and carnival!

Hello there. It’s been a while, and a few things have happened.

For example, I got a year older yesterday.

Our actually amazing friends picked up our kids from school and nursery, and had them all night. So Sarah and I got to spend a lush day in Manchester — complete with great Mexican food (and tequila) at Wahaca.


Then we got back to Chester to hang out together like those adults without kids — you’ve heard about those guys, right? — playing ping pong and board games in nice bars.

Kids now retrieved, and we’re getting revved up to head to the Lost Carnival tonight.

lost carnival

It looks mega stylish and Victorian, and a little dark. The Bookworm is super excited.

The guys at Wild Rumpus were kind enough to hook us up with some free tickets. As well as the carnival itself, there’s a load of images, videos and background to help you get into the story. There’s even a dance routine to learn — though Sarah and I are struggling to get the hang of it, even with our years weeks of Charleston lessons.

More to come!





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