French yogurt cake

Here’s the scene. Day one of the half term holidays. Two kids and one dad. All a bit tired after a mega fun bank holiday weekend. I need to go grocery shopping and tidy the house, so we can’t go too far. What’s a guy to do?

Two things, actually. One: water balloon fight. Two: bake a French yogurt cake.


What you’ll need

The cake was a bribe an incentive for the kids to be helpful when we went around the supermarket, and it worked pretty well. They were particularly helpful at adding things that I didn’t want to the trolley.

But we made sure to pick up the ingredients we needed for the French yogurt cake. Chief among them is a 150g pot of yogurt. But can’t I just weigh out 150g of yogurt from my big family-sized pot? you’re thinking. Why are you so wasteful, Adam? you cry.

Well the 150g pot of yogurt has a dual purpose. You’re going to need it to measure out all of the other ingredients, so you don’t need scales. Which is great because kids.


The recipe

I can’t pretend this is my recipe. It is from a brilliant blog (and now online boutique!) called Croque Maman. Sarah met Helene from the site at BritMums Live last year. She is a geniune French woman, so this cake must be authentic.

What I love most about the recipe is that the kids and I actually enjoy the process of making it. Rather than me just getting stressed at them for 30 minutes, cleaning up for another 30 minutes and hoping to get one Instagram-worthy picture out of the whole thing. This one has no scales, no whisks, no whipping or blowtorching or sterilising or emulsifying. Just a bowl, a spoon and a yogurt pot.

Here’s Helene’s recipe. Which we followed to the letter. And then threw in two bags of chocolate chips.



The Chap approves. He is in pyjamas at dinner time because we had just returned from the library, where he had urinated all over me. (Sigh.)



One thought on “French yogurt cake

  1. Croque-Maman (@CroqueMaman) says:

    Hi Sarah!
    Thank you so much for sharing my recipe. Baking with kids can be quite stressful indeed, this makes it much more enjoyable, I am so glad you like it as much as we do 😉 I really love your blog philosophy. Date nights are so important. Take care. Helene


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