#Veganuary 2017


So we’ve not been around in a very long time. My hats off to all those that have just started on the adventure of blogging and those who have faithfully, skilfully tapped away at the keys each week.

But were making a special comeback, in the name of Veganuary (which I’m sure you’ve all heard of). We have officially jumped on the bandwagon and are currently optimistic and full of vigour. Adam(my husband who co-writes this blog) and I are self-confessed foodies. We’ve flirted with the idea of going veggie, as we are very hot on animal welfare and eat quite little meat anyway. However, when it is ethically sourced and cooked to perfection (Adam does all the cooking) there is nothing like a nice topside of beef or sumptuous leg of lamb.

One of our other dreamy foods is cheese, all the cheese (expect for blue in my case). Manchego, brie, goats cheeses, buffalo mozzarella a strong vintage cheddar and picante red with chilies, all yummy…

So Veganuary is by no means a small feat. My mum turned vegan a couple of years ago (FYI – totally ahead of the trend) and after staying with her for the last couple of days, we have at least been intrigued by the strange items that adorn her cupboards. She almost made it sound achievable. Now armed with coconut oil, almond milk, flax seed and nutritional yeast flakes we begin our journey.


Day one. Late evening snack (soooo hungry). Papaya with lime and Coconut Collaborative coconut yogurt. Banana, coconut milk oat and flax seed smoothie.

Oh, its worth mentioning at this point that our two wee ones, Bookworm and The Chap are excluded from Veganuary. There’s no way I can convince my three-year-old or seven-year-old to give up salami or dippy eggs.

The aim with popping up on the blog again is to write every couple of days with a diary of the food we have feasted on, a couple of recipes and capture how we’re doing. Some days may seem inspired and Instagram-worthy, but I’ll tell you here how were actually doing.

Are you doing Veganuary? Or are you already Vegan? If so, please pop a comment on the end of the post with any website/Twitter/Snapchat accounts you recommend that we should follow.


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