#Veganuary day three

Adam here. Day three. 11pm So hungry right now!

Sarah is making me a peanut butter and banana sandwich because I agreed to do the blog.

We both felt pretty weird last night, and I was queasy this morning. Maybe psychological, but I felt much better after going for a pre-work swim (making the most of a kid-free morning.)

Then I had a vegan protein cookie, which at the time seemed like the best thing I’d ever eaten.  I also started to feel like I might be experiencing super vegan vigour, but it didn’t last too long.


I totally got hungry and had a bag of crisps in the morning at work. They were vegan at least, but maybe not in the spirit of Veganuary.



We had spelt, green lentils, chickpeas and black beans mixed up with roasted carrots, squash and sweet potato and spinach, with a chipotle and lime dressing.

I cooked up a load of lentils, chickpeas and black beans which are in the fridge ready to go into meals. The dressing is ketchup, chipotle paste, salt and pepper, lots of lime juice and a splash of water. Super good.



Dinner was minestrone soup, made with onion, carrot, chilli, canned tomatoes, canned cannellini beans, chickpeas, spelt, wholewheat spaghetti, kale and spinach. It’s made with the truly exceptional (and vegan) veg stock made by our friends 9 Meals from Anarchy. That’s a slice of half-rye bread I made.

The minestrone was great. Definitely just as good as one with bacon in.

I’m having more of the bread now, with the aforementioned peanut butter and banana on.

Hope all of you other Veganuary chums are having some delicious stuff and feeling all of the mystical vegan vigour.


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