Yo! Sushi menu launch party

Okay — Yo! Sushi Chester menu launch party.

It’s been on my radar to go back to Yo! Sushi for a while. What better excuse than a party for the launch of their new menu?


I texted my sushi-loving friend and it was game on! Walked in, free prosecco, grabbed the last free table. The conveyor belt was full and we had free reign. We went wild.

In walks the lovely Laura from Twentea Something so we team up to tackle the epic amounts of sushi ahead of us.

We started off steady and safe with some edamame beans and tuna sashimi. At this point my friend Kathryn was in dire need of some pickled ginger and wasabi. The staff sorted her out with an industrial amount. Apparently you can’t enjoy sushi without them.


Then we were ready for the new dishes. Step forward the Salmon Yo! Roll — really light, fresh tastes, drizzled with Sriracha hot sauce. I attempted it in one bite, but it turns out I have a tiny mouth so… (At least I was among friends.)

Next up, my favourite dish of the night. Osaka Style Squid! I’m not usually a huge fan of squid, but I’ve never had squid like this before. There was so much flavour going on in this one. Spicy pepper, crispy tuna skin, anori seaweed.


Roll on Teriyaki Pork. Super thin strips of pork, with a dab of teriyaki and mustard which really set it off (and a teeny tiny bit of spring onion).


And then a super fun dish (and one that I think our kids might like…) is the Chicken Katsu Sando. It’s chicken katsu, wrapped up in squishy white bread.


Out of the desserts I really liked the Malted Chocolate Pots. Somewhere between a mousse and a ganache. Is it authentically Japanese? Do I care? It’s chocolate — there’s no need to pigeonhole chocolate to any one particular country.

The atmosphere of the night was great. We got to meet the chefs and the team behind the evening.

Live music from a local guy called Samwise was another highlight. My favourite covers were Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River (obvs) and Part of That World from The Little Mermaid. There was also fun to be had in the photo booth. All in all, a memorably delicious evening. And we got a goodie bag to take home, with soy sauce, chopsticks, Hello Panda biscuits (big hit with the kids) and a hot sauce keyring (big hit with the husband).

I’m really keen to go back with the children and see what the make of it. My guesses would be that The Chap would like the sashimi and the sando (maybe not the mustard). The Bookworm will be all over the edamame beans and er… cake? Adam would eat it all.

Check out Yo! Chester on Instagram.


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